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Stable: 1.0.14
Development: 1.1.13

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How to contribute

How to contribute

There are several ways how to contribute to Fast File Search:
  1. If you have checked out Fast File Search from CVS and modified it, use "cvs update; cvs diff -c3p" to create a patch.
  2. If you have modified a specific version of Fast File Search, use "diff -c3prN OLD NEW" or "diff -uprN OLD NEW" to create a patch.
  3. If you do not have a "diff" program, send the modified files.
Then send the patch (or modified files) with a description of the code (description of new features, bug fixes, ...) to the development mailing list (ffsearch-devel AT lists DOT sourceforge DOT net) or to the maintainer (zlomek AT jikos DOT cz).


These people have contributed to Fast File Search:
  • Evgeniy Zaitsev - eightn AT ixbt DOT com
  • Sergey Romanov - romanov_s AT mail DOT ru
    • Russian translation

  • Aurélien Bompard - aurelienb AT netcourrier DOT com
    • French translation

  • Matthijs Abma - applejuize AT gmx DOT net
    • Dutch translation

  • José Manuel Macías - jmanuel DOT macias AT rediris DOT es
    • Spanish translation
    • Logo

  • Vassil Dichev - vdichev AT hotmail DOT com
    • correction of Bulgarian translation

  • Condor - condor AT vcable DOT net
    • original Bulgarian translation

  • Cristian Chirilov - cristi_c AT yahoo DOT com
    • Romanian translation

  • Marc Sowen - marc DOT sowen AT tu-harburg DOT de
    • German translation

  • Tibor Varga - vtibi AT civis DOT wigner DOT bme DOT hu
    • Hungarian translation

  • DuSong
    • Chinese translation

  • Alexander Solovyov - piranha AT viii DOT ntu-kpi DOT k0iev DOT ua
  • Yaroslav Molochko - onorua AT gmail DOT com
    • Ukrainian translation

  • Vytautas Stanaitis - basas AT elst DOT vtu DOT lt
    • Lithuanian translation

  • undefine AT pld-linux DOT org
    • Polish translation

  • BartMan - ffsearch AT bartman DOT prv DOT pl
    • Polish translation of help files

  • Petter Arild Heitman - paheit AT wohnheim-kiel DOT de
    • Norwegian translation

  • Remo - remo AT hi DOT sk
    • Slovak translation

  • Jan Geldmacher - Jan DOT Geldmacher AT udo DOT edu
    • original version of script for browsing indexed data

  • Jon Noack - noackjr AT compgeek DOT com
    • FTP(SMB) things are hidden when FTP(SMB)_DISABLE is on

  • Li-Wen Yip - wes AT jcures DOT net
    • Better setting the search string by file type links

  • Wolf - wolf AT madchat DOT org
    • Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Ornic - ornic AT mail DOT ru
    • Minor improvements

  • Josef Zlomek - zlomek AT jikos DOT cz
    • Everything else