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ChangeLog - versions 0.9.x

Version 0.9.16 [2003-01-18]
  • www: German translation was added
  • www: Only hosts which are online are shown when wanted
  • converting parts of smbclient's output to upper case is configurable
  • several bugs have been fixed
Version 0.9.15 [2002-12-15]
  • www: Romanian translation was added
  • www: IP addresses instead of server names can be used in links
  • www: adding of FTP and SMB servers by non-admins can be disabled
  • www: login/pass can be hidden
  • crawl a group of hosts specified on command line
  • crawler can repair tables
  • new script: Add SMB servers from specified IPs to the list
  • some bugs were fixed
Version 0.9.14 [2002-11-29]
  • www: Bulgarian translation was added
  • www: FTP and SMB lists are split into pages
  • list of files from FTP server can be get from a file
  • bug in connecting to database was fixed
  • many bugs were fixed
Version 0.9.13 [2002-11-11]
  • www: Spanish translation was added
  • bug in was fixed
Version 0.9.12 [2002-11-09]
  • www: translation support was improved
  • www: Dutch translation was added
  • www: total file size for each server is displayed
  • www: slow query detection was fixed
  • FTP server crawling can start in a particular directory
  • the host lists, comments and admins can be shared between several FFS hosts
  • explicit host deleting in was fixed
  • many minor bugs were fixed
Version 0.9.11 [2002-10-22]
  • www: French translation was added
  • FTP crawling was improved
  • new format of FTP server's output is supported
  • SIGPIPE is ignored by crawler
Version 0.9.10 [2002-10-13]
  • bug in adding FTP server fixed (hostname was read-only)
Version 0.9.9 [2002-10-13]
  • www: languages can be hidden one by one
  • www: value of period is editable by user
  • FTP timeout is configurable
  • passive mode can be used to get file listing from FTP server
  • FTP servers of Novell Netware can be crawled
  • newly added server is crawled in the next (incremental) crawl
Version 0.9.8 [2002-10-02]
  • www: comments can be deleted (by admin)
  • www: SMB server can be added manually
  • www: FTP(SMB) things are hidden when FTP(SMB)_DISABLE is on
  • www: default language can be set and others can be hidden
  • www: FTP server can be several times in FTP list (but with different ports or logins)
  • comments and list of admins survive an upgrade
  • server is protected from being crawled several times at one moment
  • SMB_SERVER is now optional configuration option
  • many minor improvements and bug fixes
Version 0.9.7 [2002-09-18]
  • www: Russian translation was added
  • www: searching files and directories by regular expression was added
  • getting of list of SMB master browsers was improved
Version 0.9.6 [2002-09-03]
  • www: support for translation
  • www: added Czech translation
  • www: fixed the processing of external variables (from form, URL etc.)
  • added Directories to Statistics
  • several bugs fixed
Version 0.9.5 [2002-08-25]
  • size of temporary file can be limited
  • minor improvements
Version 0.9.4 [2002-08-14]
  • security bug fix: MySQL access rights fixed
  • added script for listing files from database
  • shell arguments are passed in single quotes instead of double quotes
  • www: added page for user comments
  • www: added link to admin's WWW page in admin list
  • www: Online check can use connecting to host
  • www: moved color definitions into colors.php
Version 0.9.3 [2002-08-03]
  • added parameter of for optimizing tables
  • fixed bug with files >= 1,000,000,000 bytes in SMB crawling
  • using "NATURAL LEFT JOIN" in SQL commands
Version 0.9.2 [2002-07-28]
  • deleting old log entries
  • deleting non-active users' search history
  • www: search history modified to better handle changes of history_count
  • www: configurable file size limits to consider the query to be fast
  • www: logging of search queries and host name resolving can be disabled
  • www: editing ftp list by non-admins can be disabled
  • many minor bugs fixed
Version 0.9.1 [2002-07-21]
  • moved common subroutines to a separate file
  • now asks whether it shall change password
  • and fixed signal handler
  • www: help for bounds of file size
  • www: support for more size units for bounds
  • www: fixed bug in slow query detection
  • www: fixed bug in editing FTP by admin
Version 0.9.0 [2002-07-19]
  • initial release